Core values of QTC Recruitment: Service

Service core value

QTC Recruitment is your reliable recruitment partner, specialising in search and selection of professionals in the life sciences industry  throughout Europe. QTC Recruitment is all about making a difference in quality, time, and cost, meaning that we offer the best candidates, within the fastest, pre-determined timeframe, for a cost-effective and competitive price. In addition, for QTC Recruitment it is key to be transparent in all communications with both clients and candidates. We minimise disturbances and are especially focused on providing added value. Our vision contains four core values that represents what QTC Recruitment’s services stand for.

Our fourth core value is Service: We provide high level service in every aspect of the work that we complete. We accomplish that by making sure that our service is on the highest level. We are able to offer a placement model with a 100% success guarantee. Besides, we offer a nine month rebate period for permanent placements and a one month rebate periode for interim placements. Also, we offer some additional services for no additional costs, such as a personality test, assessment, and training. Read the other posts about our other core values: Quality, Efficiency, and Integrity.

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