Welcome new interns!

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We are excited to introduce three new interns into our QTC Recruitment team. Welcome Merve, Jason & Mucahit!

Merve Bozaci just started at QTC Recruitment as marketing intern. Merve is busy to finish her study business administration at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

What was your dream as a kid?
My dream job as a child was to become a pilot. I have always enjoyed flying since my youth. I am here now at QTC Recruitment as a marketing intern, but I am definitely considering doing something in the airline later.

What are you going to add to the QTC Recruitment team?
I think it is important to give QTC Recruitment input on all models and theories that I have learned in the first two years at higher professional education. This will therefore also look at the company with a fresh perspective and can analyse relationships with different departments of QTC Recruitment.

Jason Wiedijk joined the QTC Recruitment team as marketing intern as well. Jason is currently studying marketing management at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

How does your ideal holiday look like?
My ideal holiday would take place in a tropical country. The things I want to do on my ideal holiday are sunbathing and exploring the jungle. After a little expedition to the jungle, I would love to watch the sun go down with a few beers.

What are you going to add to the QTC Recruitment team?
The upcoming five months, I will look with ambitious fresh eyes at the current situation of the company. Hopefully I will see things that could be better to strengthen QTC Recruitment. Furthermore, I want to help QTC Recruitment to grow even more with my abilities.

Mucahit Sogutlu started last week as finance intern at QTC Recruitment. Mucahit studies finance and control at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

For what would you wake up at night?
I would wake up at night for pizza, kebab, wok or anything else that is yummy for my tummy.

What are you going to add to the QTC Recruitment team?
My added value within the QTC Recruitment team will be my financial background, I will set up a financial plan together with my supervisor regarding the expansion plan abroad.

On behalf of the QTC Recruitment team, we would like to wish our new interns good luck and we are looking forward to their future successes!

Would you also like to join the QTC Recruitment family? Take a look at our vacancies!

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