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We are excited to introduce three new members to our QTC Recruitment team. Welcome Quintes, Karin & Walid!

Quintes Hamer recently started at QTC Recruitment as Associate within the medical devices team. Karin van Buuren started as Principal Associate within the food sciences team. Walid Sharaf also just started at QTC Recruitment within the food sciences team, as an Associate . All three answered a few questions, keep reading for their answers to the questions!

Quintes Hamer – Associate | Medical Devices

  • Why did you choose to work at QTC Recruitment?

I am interested in recruitment in general and QTC recruitment is a company where I can develop myself rapidly and there are a lot of growth opportunities. The work environment was also a big factor in my decision and the company culture is very pleasant as well.

  •  What are your ambitions within QTC Recruitment?

On a short term, I would like to absorb as much knowledge as possible about the medical devices industry and after that I would like to grow in a role as a 360 consultant. To take part in the whole process and to guide this as well is one of my goals.

  •  Which TV series would you like to live in?

Mad Men, I am always amazed how slick the characters are and how they handle their ups and downs. (Un)fortunately, I am not a smoker and I feel that this is a must in that time period so I would have to figure out a way how I could be part of the group.


Karin van Buuren – Principal Associate | Food Sciences

  • Why did you choose to work at QTC Recruitment?

I chose to work at QTC Recruitment because I was looking for a new challenge within recruitment. I have never worked in this sector before and I think it is a nice challenge that I can develop myself further.

  • What are your ambitions within QTC Recruitment?

My ambitions are to grow and think within this organisation, perhaps a leading role in the future.

  • Which foreign language would you like to speak fluently?

I would like to speak fluent Spanish. Besides being the most spoken language in the world, my sister-in-law comes from Cuba and sometimes it is still a challenge of finding the right words to communicate well with her.


Walid Sharaf – Associate | Food Sciences

  • Why did you choose to work at QTC Recruitment?

I chose QTC Recruitment because I felt that the office culture was aligned with my own identity. The vibe during my interviews were very open and warm. This made me quickly feel at home here, even before I was offered a job position. Moreover, during my interviews the hiring managers gave me the impression and feeling that I could be of real value for the company. That was eventually the biggest reason to decide that I wanted to work at QTC Recruitment.

  • What are your ambitions within QTC Recruitment?

I aim to become an expert in my job and be of added value for my team and company.

  • What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

Lake Louise in Banff Canada.

Would you also like to join the QTC Recruitment family? Take a look at our vacancies!

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