"A Journey to Success"

Max had several years of international sales experience before joining QTC Recruitment. He started at the company in 2017 as a Consultant and over the years progressed to become Partner and Director of Interim Staffing. He shares more about the project where he truly made an impact and what makes QTC Recruitment so special to him.

First Steps

'Like many, in my early twenties, I was working in a pub, pouring beers, and soon everyone around me was getting into sales jobs. I thought, 'Why not?' and decided to enter sales too. Without any experience, I was thrown into the deep end. I learned a lot and got to know myself better. I realised I got a thrill from achieving targets. During this time, I also met Hans and Jord as colleagues in another recruitment organisation.

The thrill of achieving quick results led me to the world of recruitment in London. Once there, I got the opportunity to set up the 'Benelux Business'. Eventually, I decided to return to Amsterdam. Here, I reconnected with Hans and Jord, this time as founders of QTC Recruitment. As young, ambitious guys, they managed to persuade me to join them. At that time, there were only six or seven of them, and I was given a lot of freedom to do my own thing. We were truly at the beginning of success, and everything felt achievable, which was extremely motivating.

Space and Humor

Now, as Partner and Director of Interim Staffing, the fact that I joined as a Partner speaks volumes about my confidence in our service and culture over the years. I was mainly given the space to do what I wanted without anyone breathing down my neck. The mentality of 'just try it, and we'll see' really allowed me to grow in recruitment. It was and still is a process of trial and error, and at QTC Recruitment, I was given the chance to go through this process calmly. What's most important to me, as I always say: 'Take your work seriously, but don't take yourself seriously'. By this, I mean that there should also be room for laughter in the work environment, and there was and is room for that at QTC Recruitment.

Deep Impact

One of the most impactful projects I was involved in was for a global biopharmaceutical organisation in Leiden. They were still exploring where in Europe to establish themselves, and we helped them with information to come to the Netherlands. The organisation is involved in revolutionary cell therapy for leukaemia patients, a promising technology with the potential to save lives. We worked closely with this organisation and handled almost all their recruitment. Being able to contribute to the success of such a revolutionary technology changes how you approach your work.

Trust and Transparency

What drives me at QTC Recruitment is building long-lasting relationships based on trust and transparency. I believe that collaboration is about openness, honesty, and keeping promises. Being able to look at each other honestly in a partnership means you can build together. But it also means sometimes having difficult conversations or admitting mistakes.

QTC Recruitment, for me, means a combination of space for growth, lots of humour, and a clear path to success. Looking back, I understand that when you work in sales, you're hungry for success but also want the freedom to fail. At QTC Recruitment, you get the chance to truly master recruitment 360 degrees and at your own pace. So, what are you waiting for? You can always have a conversation to discover if a step towards QTC Recruitment is right for you.'