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The game changer for Life Science in Denmark?

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In the past few years, I saw the Life Science industry grow fast around the world. And this has its effects on the hiring market. Especially in Denmark. I see that Danish organisations are often in need of specialists who are rare in their discipline and therefore hard to find. Of course, there are a lot of Danish specialists but it’s becoming harder to find them.

Matching specialist

Once, I’ve worked on a case in which there was a need of a specialist with a really rare profile in the discipline he was active in. The organisation searched in the way they always did but wasn’t able to find a fitting match. It took them several months, and it started to hold back their growth. At that time, they asked me to help them. I enlarged the scope area and started to search abroad. And by doing so, I found a matching specialist within two weeks!


Growing industry

It’s not that strange that this organisation couldn’t find the specialist they wanted. Denmark shows substantial growth in the Life Sciences industry, mainly in the biopharma sector. Therefore, the industry is having a hard time to meet the demand for the right specialists to meet the necessary workforce. To fill this gap international specialists are a solution.


Number one

Nevertheless, this is easier said than done for companies who don’t have experiences with that. Though this can become a threat if Denmark is aiming to become the number one in biopharma and food research. It is now a world leader in biotech innovation, only surpassed by the US. But Denmark has an advantage over the US because the costs to come through the early stages of development for biotech companies are significantly lower.


Danish ecosystem

Actually, there are a lot of advantages for Denmark. For example, it has one of the best entrepreneurial ecosystems of Europe and even the fourth best of the world! So, it’s actually rather attractive for international employees to come over. Furthermore, it offers special tax schemes for foreign employees to make it even more attractive for international employees.


Moving to Denmark

And I know what I’m talking about. Since last year I live and work in Denmark and frankly, Danish immigration makes moving very easy. Everyone is very friendly and always ready to help. Of course, there was a lot to arrange and not everything was totally clear and easy to do. But these were really minor things and not a boundary to move to the country at all.


Qualified employees

So, the demand for qualified employees in Denmark surpasses the supply. And if Danish Life Science organisations keep on searching for only local professionals, they could end up with a lot of time loss and no success in the end. And if moving to Denmark is quite easy, why not consider international specialists to help to achieve your objectives?


Game changer

In the end, choosing for international specialists could become a huge game changer for Life Sciences companies in Denmark whose aim are to grow substantially. Would you like to know more about how you can attract international qualified Life Sciences specialists or just change thoughts with me about this topic? Feel free to send me an email at